You'll wonder how you lived without: LittleWeeb has some amazing features transforming your experience.

Stop typing commands.

Tired of typing in 24 commands just to download a series on IRC? We are too. That's why LittleWeeb comes with a full fledged download manager allowing you to queue downloads and interact with them.

Tackle your PTW list.

With rich series pages, you can do just that. No more squinting at MAL's tiny pages. LittleWeeb pulls the latest description, scores and statistics for any anime you want so you can decide what to watch.

Did we mention instant playback?

It's been a long day at work/school and you just want to watch some damn anime. You fire up HexChat-- wait, you can just click play in LittleWeeb!? Yeah, welcome to the future everyone.

Keep up-to-date.

It really sucks to miss out on any great anime. With the automatically updating currently airing page, you can see all the new episodes for the current season. Using LittleWeeb means the latest anime is just a few moments away.

And a lot more...

  • Download a series with one click.
  • Set your favorite series so you can come back to them.
  • Lightning fast download speeds typical of XDCC.
  • Can view previous downloads sorted by series for quick watching.
  • Sort through anime and eliminate the upscaled ones - you can set which quality you would like to query by.


LittleWeeb is the only way to watch anime. Every season, you will be able to access a beautiful application with every single series on it. You choose the ones you want to watch by marking them as favorites and then you watch, simple. Any work you had to do before, finding a tracker/thinking of a unique username/downloading a torrent with seeds/figuring out where to store it/finding it again when you want to watch it/naming the file, we'll handle that for you!


LOVE this project. 1080p Nichijou releases here I come.
- karkinissan on GitHub
Holyshit this is awesome
- R1se94 on Reddit.
very sick program, keep up the good work~
- secret soda on YouTube.